What do you do if you get on a deserted island? Of course, conquer the new world! Explore and expand your new domains, get acquainted with the local fauna, hire daring pirates to your army. Lead forays to neighboring islands, prepare the attacks because the outcome of the battle depends entirely on your strategic skills!

Everything is in your hands, Captain. Your story just begins...

Pirate War: Age of Strike


Prepare your fleets and experience fresh naval Pirate War gameplay mechanics.
Command an army of pirates in thrilling beach battles. Pirate War is a real time strategy game for the next generation of hardcore gamers!
Pirate War is a groundbreaking combination of large scale strategy with real time tactics. Use clever tactical maneuvers, fight monsters and attack other players in real time.
Boost your power with runes and gems.
Team up and fight alongside your fellow clan members.

Main Features:

  • Free to Play MMORTS.
  • Build an army of unlimited size to crush your enemies.
  • Join or start a clan.
  • Real time battles with millions of troops.
  • Research new skills.
  • Battle on a map against enemies.
  • Craft new weapons and armor for your hero.
  • Both PVE and PVP modes.
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Screenshot of game
Screenshot of game
Screenshot of game

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