Playwar is a company which develops applications for social networks and multiplayer online games. Over the last years, more than 17 million users have chosen our applications, and this number continues to rise.

Our goal is to create the best strategy games in the world! Therefore, we are investing in a team of professionals where everyone will feel in the right place, and where nothing prevents people from creating straight from the heart. At the same time, we know how to turn a good idea into the final product, and this allows us to create amazing and interesting projects. The ones that we can be proud of.

Our games

Pirate War: Age of Strike

Pirate War - is an innovative combination of a large-scale strategy with tactics and real-time battles. Come up with different attack tactics, fight monsters and attack other players in real time!
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We treat our employees as one big family, and we care how you feel when you come to work. We try not only to appoint people to certain positions but also to pick up a list of responsibilities which would allow us to use their talents and abilities in the best possible way. This gives astonishing results, both in work and in creating a positive environment in the company. We have gathered a great team of professionals, and we are always looking for the new talents!

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